Wood Mobius

Welcome to Wood Mobius. My pieces aren't all Mobius Strips (Moebius bands, as some would have it), but all of them, I've carved from a block of some of the most beautiful woods around, and all make people look for the seam, and ask how it's done. With patience. It just takes time (and practice). Next most-asked question: "Do you break a lot?" Actually, I don't. I work gradually, and I haven't broken very many at all. You can send me a note at Larry@woodmobius.com A majority of the pieces that I have good pictures of, shown here, are bronze, but a majority of the pieces I have done are indeed wood mobiuses. The bronzes are available in limited edition runs of 25; they're cast from pieces I've carved in wood. The wood pieces are each unique.




This is a beautiful wood from Morocco. This piece is 4" by 5" by 6".